Beat the SAT in 24 Hours  


Since you are looking over our page, you realize the importance of the SAT. It is part of the formula which will determine which colleges you can choose to attend. The test is also used to determine the awarding of some scholarships. The score on the test can even influence choices after college. You know it is important and are interested in seeing if you can score the maximum points.

We know there are alternatives to our program, but we have been refining and developing this program since 1992 and think you will find it a great choice. The OVERVIEW of our program and the Frequently Asked Questions should explain our program and answer most of your questions about the program, but we want to address reasons you should find our program advantageous.

You can see a Flash Demonstration of ALL we offer.

The Cost in Time and Money
The fee for the course is only $24 for a full year. The program requires less time from you than most programs because it has been refined over and over to eliminate waste. This program is all about Impact not Hours!  It is just too good an offer to pass up.

You can access the program 24/7. You can adapt the schedule of the program to fit your daily commitments. You get the Vocabulary Word of the Day (along with occasional tips and reminders) emailed or texted to you every day.

You Will Do the Program
The convenience, unique interactivity of the Prototypes and Virtual Test, assessment feedback, and great information will keep you using the program. The program works, and you will sense the improvement and want to stay with it. You know the importance of the test and preparing for it and will realize how effective and efficient the program is.

The Program Gives You a Schedule
The schedule is flexible, but you are given a defined system for improvement. You can gauge progress by checking off tasks and tests as you complete them

The Program Will Help Prepare You for College
One of the most most important traits college admissions officers look for in prospective students is the ability to plan and complete a long term task. That is why being an Eagle Scout or running some community service project stands out. They know that there won't be anyone there to wake you up at 7am for an 8 o'clock class. So this program will be great practice for college. You will plan and complete a successful long term project.

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