Beat the SAT in 24 Hours  


The core of our program is based on learning from actual tests. This principle has proved successful since 1992. We have refined the program to eliminate the “busy” work and place the emphasis on work that results in points on the test.

Advances in technology have allowed us to take our program to an even higher level. We can utilize key features of programs to maximize the efficiency of our students’ learning. The core of the online program is described below. Our unique scheduling page allows the student to modify the schedule below to match his or her schedule. It is a complete program, but you will need to purchase The Official SAT Study Guide published by the College Board. It contains 8 actual tests, and we use these onsite and online. (You can purchase it by using the LINK.)

View a Flash demonstration of the program here: Demonstration of Beat the SAT

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Interactive Introductory Presentations (2 hrs)
This is where we describe the test and review the verbal, math, and writing skills the students need to beat the test. The text for these is online for the student to copy. Demonstration of presentation

1 Test of each type section (3 x 30 min test + 15 min explanations = 2 hrs)
This allows the student to get experience with each section and to begin translating what he or she learned in the presentations into points. The student uses our detailed explanations to begin learning the test. Demonstration of explanations

Virtual Test Simulation (1.5 hrs)
This interactive presentation takes a test with the student; it is like the instructor is taking the test and describing what the student should be seeing and doing. Demonstration of simulation

1 Complete Test (4 hrs)
By taking the complete test, the student experiences the length of the test, and the results will identify weaknesses.

Test review and identification of weakness and remedy (1 hr)
The student corrects the test using our explanations for the questions. By using our unique method for marking the test and our If-Then page, the student will identify his or her weaknesses. [With the exception of the verbal explanations to test number 4 all the explanations are online.] Demonstration of explanations and If-Then.

Essay Presentation, Write & Review Essay (1 hr)
The student reviews our interactive essay presentation and then writes one essay assisted by our unique essay program. By referring to the checklist and rubric on our page, the student can evaluate the essay.

Test sections, & essay, with review as determined (normally 2 essays & 12 test sections) (7.5 hrs)

After identifying weaknesses, the student takes sections of the test to strengthen that weakness. For instance, the student might take 2 verbal sections for every 1 math section if the verbal needs strengthening. The student also uses our Interactive Prototypical Test Questions to isolate and practice specific types of questions. [Currently the Math Prototypes are online. We will include voice explanations soon. Verbal and Writing Skills will be up soon as well.] Demonstration of prototypical question

1 Complete Test (4 hrs)
This is the final run-through for the him or her. This will confirm he or she is ready for the test.

Final review
The student does a final review of all the tests he or she has taken. He or she also follows our Final Week Schedule and reviews our Last Minute Reminders. Demonstration of final week schedule.


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