Beat the SAT in 24 Hours  


24 Hours?
Sure, that looks crazy, but we have carefully analyzed the time students have spent here onsite preparing for the test. Many have spent less than 24 hours preparing for the test. Of course, students have worked for more than 24 hours, and we would never discourage a student from doing that. We provide the online resources to accommodate a student who wants to work at the program longer, but it can be done in 24 hours for several reasons.

Unique features of our program allow the student to focus on what needs work.

We have broken down test preparation to eliminate “busy” work, waiting for other students’ questions, and the “fluff” contained in many texts and presentations to lengthen them so they “look” like they warrant purchase.

The schedule is flexible and will accommodate even the busiest student, allowing him or her to work on it when he or she want to.

How can it be so inexpensive?
We don’t know; ask our competitors why theirs costs so much. Seriously, don’t mistake price for quality. If you look at all the features of our program, it matches or exceeds anyones. We want your business and $24 is a fair price. We can provide this program without stretching your bank account.

We are on a mission of sorts. We think test preparation is important and want to get high quality preparation to as many students as possible. So tell your friends about us!!

Why us?
The cost and convenience surely must be a consideration. And there is the fact a student will actually commit to 24 hours and will DO our program.

The Schedule is flexible, yet gives the student a reliable guide to doing the work to learn to beat the test.

Our engaging Interactive Programs enable the student to maximize learning; it is not electronic page turning

The students get a daily email or text message containing the Vocabulary Word of the Day, along with occasional tips and reminders.

With our unique Test Correcting and If-Then system, the student will learn to self-monitor his or her progress and to make adjustments accordingly.

The unique Virtual Test Simulation guides a student through each section of the test.

Our detailed Test Question Explanations (explanations for the questions in all 8 of the tests in the College Board test book) have been refined with feedback from our onsite students so that they are effective learning tools.

Our Interactive Prototypical Test Questions engage the student and help him or her isolate the specific types of questions he or she needs improvement in answering.

What is the catch?
There is none. What you see is what you get. In fact, we will be adding more and more features to the program.

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