Beat the SAT in 24 Hours  


OK, here’s the deal. We are creating this project as fast as we can, but the more we do with it and the more we get feedback from students, the more we find we can provide. We started this to provide premium content in addition to our free program and it has exploded into a much bigger project.

All the items listed on the Program Overview are online for your use. Anything yet to come is noted on the Program Overview.

Start now and you get the online program or a $24 subscription HERE.

That subscription is good for a year and means you get all we have now and all we add to the program. The subscription will be $24 for a year.

Just Enroll using the link below. We are using PayPal because of their reliability and security.

After you enroll with PayPal, you will be on the PayPal page indicating you have successfully enrolled.  Click on the "Return to Merchant" or "Return to Study Hall" button in the lower part of the page and you will be taken to the page where you choose your Username and Password. Then you go right to the Beat the SAT in 24 Hours site.

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