Beat the SAT in 24 Hours  


The Study Hall has operated in Dallas, Texas since June of 1992, working with thousands of students individually to successfully improve their SAT scores. We have taken "The Study Hall Method" and all the features of this program and put it online. The program has been refined and adapted so that we focus on what really gets points. There is no busy work, only an intense presentation of the components of the test and the techniques and skills necessary to beat the test. In effect, it has been developed by the students, for students, seeing what works, and what "connects" with the students.

We have operated a free site successfully since 2000. While we are keeping The Study Hall site free, we are offering this expanded program for a small fee

You can be confident that we will keep this site current. We will update and post the newest information we are developing with special focus on the changes coming in the SAT.

Thank you for your confidence.

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